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Residence Options

  Yes No
Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Not Reported
CCRC with direct move-in into assisted living Not applicable
Front-door secured by keypad Not Reported
Private Toilet Not Reported
Private Shower or Tub Not Reported
Private Rooms Not Reported

Dementia &
Other Care Needs

  Yes No
Has dementia neighborhood/unit Not Reported
Dementia neighborhood secured by keypad Not Reported
Allows persons with poor safety awareness Not Reported
Allows persons who exhibit difficult or disruptive behaviors Not Reported
Allows people who need assistance with
Incontinence care for bladder leakage Not Reported
Incontinence care for bowel leakage Not Reported
Bathing Not Reported
Dressing Not Reported
Transferring from the bed to a chair or wheelchair, needing help from only one person Not Reported
Eating (such as cutting up food or providing special set-up or devices) Not Reported
Dining (such as hands on assistance with eating) Not Reported


  Yes No
Nurses on-site 24/7 Not Reported
Nurses on-site at least 35 hours a week Not Reported
Nurses on-site less than 35 hours a week Not Reported
Nurses on call Not Reported
Staff on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Not Reported
Staff awake at all times Not Reported

Activities & Pets

  Yes No
Provides scheduled group activities at least twice a day during the week Not Reported
Allows pets Not Reported

Payment & Services

  Yes No
Accepts Medicaid for new residents Not Reported
Accepts Medicaid for existing residents Not Reported
All-inclusive, monthly flat rate Not Reported
  Offered, basic package Offered, may be an additional fee Not offered
Reminders, assistance, & supervision with toileting Not Reported
Meals at non-scheduled times Not Reported
Staff set-up medications in pill organizers Not Reported
Staff pass medications Not Reported
Transportation for medical appointments with an escort Not Reported
Complete room furnishings, including furniture & window covering Not Reported
  Private Room Shared Room
What is the least expensive (private pay) basic monthly charge for an individual? Price not reported Price not reported


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