Assisted living residences are different. We help you find the one that best meets your needs and wants. We’re unbiased, and it’s free of charge.

What We Provide

  • A free comprehensive directory of all assisted living residences in North Carolina
  • Expanded search tools to help you specify which options related to services, costs, policies, staffing, dementia care, and other areas are important to you
  • A user-friendly search feature that selects the assisted living residences that most closely meet your needs and wants
  • Reviews posted by people who have visited or lived in assisted living residences
  • Helpful information about assisted living
  • A referral to assisted living residences … but only if you request it

Why We’re Different

We’re non-profit and not paid by assisted living providers or other companies, meaning the information we provide is unbiased. Because we’re university-based, the information we provide is research-quality.

The Facts

Assisted living residences vary widely in terms of their services, costs, policies, staffing, and other features.

People don’t realize these differences, which could lead to a bad choice at this critical time.

  • The right choice can improve quality of life, while the wrong choice can cause worry and problems
  • The wrong choice can require a second move, which is additionally disruptive and costly
  • The average cost of an assisted living stay over time is almost $80,000, making the right choice an important financial one
  • Making the right choice is time-consuming, requiring weeks of telephone calls and internet searches
  • Internet searches may be misleading because the information is often incomplete, imprecise, outdated, and designed to attract customers

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We list all licensed assisted living residences in North Carolina and contact their staff to learn first-hand about the things you need to know. You can do a “simple quick” search or a “refined” search to see which residences best meet your needs and wants.

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One of the strengths of Assisted Living Comparison Experts is our community of users. Click here to find an assisted living residence, read reviews posted by others, or to post your own review of your experience.

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We’re a non-profit service based at the University of North Carolina. Our information is unbiased and free to the public. To help us provide the most up-to-date information, we rely on your support. Please consider making a contribution to Assisted Living Comparison Experts.

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