There are many resources available for older adults and their families and friends.  Some of these may be especially useful.

Assisted Living Resources


Advocates for assisted living residences and seniors living there by spreading awareness to national and state policymakers. Offers materials and services geared towards seniors, such as media resources and guidelines for choosing the best assisted living residence.

ALFA Guide to Choosing an Assisted Living Residence

Assisted Living Consumer Alliance (ALCA)

Functions as a national collection of people and organizations who advocate for the rights assisted living residences and the seniors who live there. Provides policy information and other beneficial information for assisted living consumers, including information specific to each U.S. state. 

National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care

Advocates for the treatment of older adults in nursing homes and long care residences and provides information on a range of assisted living residences.


Consumer advocacy and education organization dedicated to promote person-centered living.

Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL)

Promotes the advancement and excellence of assisted living residences via research and advocating public policy. Provides information concerning research and policies pertaining to assisted living residences.

Caregiver Support

Alzheimer’s Association

Connects caregivers of people with dementia together in support groups around the country.

Family Caregiver Alliance

Supports families caring for persons with chronic, disabling health conditions.

Family Caregiver Navigator

Easy to use search feature helps connect family caregivers with the resources they need.

Connects caregivers in your area, and offers a free newsletter.

Dementia Resources

Alzheimer’s Association

Works to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s disease globally, nationally and locally. Offers information on the leading research and developments around Alzheimer’s, in addition to basic information about the disease.  Provides information about local services for people with Alzheimer’s.

Bathing Without a Battle

Educational DVD by university clinicians and researchers to teach caregivers how to best bathe someone with dementia. Describes in detail how to provide person-centered care in a manner to improve the overall bathing experience. 

Mouth Care Without a Battle

Educational DVD by university clinicians and researchers to teach caregivers how to provide evidence-based, person-centered mouth care to persons needing assistance who have cognitive and physical impairment.

Financial Resources for Seniors

Benefits CheckUp

Provides a free service that helps adults over the age of 55 find benefit programs to help pay for medications, health services and basic necessities, such as housing and utilities. Spreads awareness about a diverse spectrum of programs designed to help seniors in need. 


Spreads information about programs that provide benefits and various forms of assistance to US citizens. Aims to help reduce economic strain on families and improve access to government benefit programs.


Offers in-depth and comprehensive information about the U.S. Medicare program. Provides information about the eligibility guidelines for Medicare, while also explaining facts and figure behind the Medicare program.

Social Security Administration

Provides resources to apply for benefits, replace Medicare card, or change address.

General Resources for Older Adults

Provides useful government information and services concerning a variety of topics from finances to caregiving. Functions as a web portal, consolidating a diverse spectrum of resources, even those specific to seniors, into one centralized location.

Administration on Aging

Offers information about the various cost-conscious resources and services available to seniors both nationally and locally. Provides information about Medicare and other programs that offer services to seniors. Aims to help older adults preserve their independence and lead healthy lives.

National Clearinghouse for Long-term Care Information

Helps seniors and their family members understand, plan and pay for life in a long term care residence.   Offers numerous resources that can be helpful during the transition into long-term care.

National Council on Aging (NCOA)

Provides information from thousands of US organizations that seek to help improve the lives of seniors. Aims to provide seniors with information about jobs searches, obtaining economic independence,  leading healthy lifestyles and a variety of other beneficial tools.


Mission is to provide information specially geared towards adults 50 years or older.  Site includes information about working, preparing for retirement, health and even current topics in the news.

Eldercare Locator

Service provided by the Administration on Aging that connects older adults and their families to services.

North Carolina Resources

Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs)

The Area Agencies on Aging serve to advocate for the rights of older adults, and help connect older adults and their families with community programs and resources.  This interactive map helps you locate your local Area Agency on Aging.

Senior Centers

North Carolina's senior centers provide services and information on aging, and programs that support both older adults and their caregivers. You can reach out to your local senior center to learn more about case assistance, in-home assistance, home meal delivery, job finding and training, legal assistance, health insurance counseling and claims, transportation, and volunteer opportunities.This website can help locate senior centers in your area.