General Resources for Older Adults

Provides useful government information and services concerning a variety of topics from finances to caregiving. Functions as a web portal, consolidating a diverse spectrum of resources, even those specific to seniors, into one centralized location.

Administration on Aging

Offers information about the various cost-conscious resources and services available to seniors both nationally and locally. Provides information about Medicare and other programs that offer services to seniors. Aims to help older adults preserve their independence and lead healthy lives.

National Clearinghouse for Long-term Care Information

Helps seniors and their family members understand, plan and pay for life in a long term care residence.   Offers numerous resources that can be helpful during the transition into long-term care.

National Council on Aging (NCOA)

Provides information from thousands of US organizations that seek to help improve the lives of seniors. Aims to provide seniors with information about jobs searches, obtaining economic independence,  leading healthy lifestyles and a variety of other beneficial tools.


Mission is to provide information specially geared towards adults 50 years or older.  Site includes information about working, preparing for retirement, health and even current topics in the news.

Eldercare Locator

Service provided by the Administration on Aging that connects older adults and their families to services.