Payment and Services

Assisted living residences differ in the basic (base) fees, how they set their fees, the extent to which they provide services, and whether and how much they charge for these services, as well as whether they accept public assistance (such as Medicaid); it is important to consider current and future service needs and resources when selecting an assisted living residence.

Most assisted living residences charge monthly “rent”, and there maybe additional charges for supportive services and amenities.  It is not always the case that more money buys more services, and it is possible that the base rent includes services that a person does not need; therefore, there may not be a clear relationship between cost and services.  Some services and amenities in which people are especially interested include the availability of (and additional fees) related to toileting, meals, medications, transportation, and furnishings.

Some assisted living residences will accept Medicaid payment for residents at the time they move in, or after they have been there for a while; it is important to know what options are available for staying in the assisted living residence if savings run out.